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popfiction's Journal

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The POPFICTION community was created so that people could talk about popular fiction books that they really liked and also get info on books that they might like to read from others.

This community is for readers that like popular fiction, books from the NY Times bestsellers list, books that have become movies, etc. You can recommend, discuss, or ask questions about fictional books.

This website is NOT for people who like cheesy romance novels!

Here's how the community is formatted:
LJ-cut your entry if it is MORE THAN ONE SENTENCE. This way we won't take up a bunch of space on screens. Insert the name of the book your are discussing in the cut, i.e.
lj-cut text="name of book"
goes in between the <>.

Or, if you'd like, start by telling us about your favorite book, or make a list of your favorite pop fiction books for members to comment on.

See "interests" for authors and titles we like.